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Below are some of the students that have participated in the our workshops. Do you see yourself identified in any of them?  Would you like to know if we can help your particular situation?  If so, send us a note.

Chris is a freshman in college,

who had enrolled and started his first semester of college. 

He appreciated the easy engaging videos and the exercises that not only led to self-exploration and discovery, but also the content aimed at understanding the reality behind a job.


Although he was still uncertain on what career to pursue, he enrolled in a business major.   College right after high school was expected of him and is what his friends also proceeded on doing – even with undeclared majors.  This leading to higher debt, with no true goal in mind.

His father, who worked in car sales would always incentivize him to join him in the business but Chris who had many varied interests didn’t think that was the correct career for him.  He felt his father wanted to control him and didn’t truly understand him. 

Chris entered the Career Discovery Workshop with Career Prep Edu eager to learn and was excited about the prospect of a course that would help him define what career would be right for him. He appreciated the easy engaging videos and the exercises that not only led to self-exploration and discovery, but also the content aimed at understanding the reality behind a job.

He felt that the course helped him think of life after college, 

something that seemed so abstract at the time, but that would come a few short years later. The learnings helped him put his goals in perspective in real terms thinking about the variables and the day to day responsibilities, not the ones social media and friends allude to.

With perspective in mind, and a thorough research done of himself, the workplace and options, Chris realized he actually liked the thought of working in Sales. His personality and natural skillset would help him excel in sales, while he also enjoyed the different responsibilities it meant to work in Sales. He mentioned that funny enough his father would be very happy that he came to that conclusion, but that without the course, he would have not understood why that career would suit him well. Instead, with clarity around his goals and what came after college, he felt supported in his next steps and was confidently able to move forward.



How can I become a doctor when my mom tried and failed?

Delia is a junior in high school who advised she did not know what major to select for college because she ultimately did not know what job would suit her. During the discovery process, she shared her mother studied to be a doctor, but because of life complications had to remove herself from the career track and instead started her own small business.

Delia, who considered a career in medicine asked: “How can I become a doctor when my mom tried and failed?”

The course curriculum, enables students to connect with their parents over their career choices and experience. Through these exercises, Delia was able to understand how personal life situations affected her mother’s career decision and how her own life was different and she still had the choice to pursue a career in medicine.

The curriculum then helped Delia see if what she imagined a career in medicine would be, her expectations, matched the reality. She was able to research and analyze different professions in medicine to see if ultimately that was something she felt passionate about pursuing. Learning how to analyze herself and career choices provided her the confidence to understand the research needed in her decision before she made it.


Samantha was a sophomore in high school with high grades, impressive extra-curriculars, and a very goal-oriented mentality.  She had selected a major for college based on her interests, but was unsure of how that translated into a job after College graduation.  With the Career Discovery Workshop, she was able to learn how to research potential career tracks and determine if they were for her. 

She achieved the foundation to define her goals thoughtfully with information in mind.  The workshop helped her realize the daily and long-term goals of the careers she learned about.  She was able to understand how job progression works and define the various roles each career can have. 

Understanding how to research careers helped Samantha not make the costly mistake of needing to switch careers later on as a result of not understanding what each major prepared her for.

teen girl

I want to help people...

Amy is a freshman in college that is pursuing a degree in criminal justice because she was thinking of becoming a police officer. Amy would say:

“I want to help people, and this is the only profession I could think of apart from being in medicine, which I didn’t want to do.”

Amy joined the Career Discovery Workshop because although she already started her college education, she was not sure that was the correct path for her, that of becoming a police officer. As she learned about different careers, she asked me:

“How do I know I’m smart enough?”.

This propelled me to create the resilience workshop as an addition to career discovery. Many times, students don’t reach their potential out of fear, or lack of self-confidence.

After finalizing the course, Amy had a better understanding of the professions at her disposal and which ones fit her goals.

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