Are you wondering what college major to choose? Have you thought about what job you will have?

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The Career Discovery Workshop is a first of its kind virtual workshop that provides students the keys to discover their career path.   

Eliminate the stress of choosing a career; don’t waste time and money pursuing a major that does not fulfill goals and expectations.   

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Choosing a Career

Confidently Guide Your Own Path

Do you know most students have hard time choosing a major?

This causes stress to both the parent that wants to help and the student who can’t decide. We help with coaching, a guide, and transparency.

Discover Your Goals: Money, Time, Activities

Did you know you can make a great salary in many careers? (not just in finance as a lawyer or a doctor).
We help you learn how to find the perfect career for you- one you can be successful at and LOVE.


This Program is Perfect For You If

  • You are a High School student or a Freshmen or Sophomore in College.
  • Trying to choose a college major, a college, and a career.
  • Undecided about what to study. Are unsure what career fits you best, or have a major in mind but don’t know how to link it to a career.

50% of people make a drastic career change because they don’t like the job that follows the major they chose in college.


This means starting over and falling behind to friends that love their job and keep crushing it.

We Employ Latest Research & Technology

By not partnering with specific schools, our program remains unbiased and based on workforce facts.  

Many programs are tied to high school and colleges, limiting their purview into workforce planning and effective resolutions to student questions regarding their career.

With 6 month 24/7 access online, students can complete lessons at their convenience.

“This course was extremely beneficial in helping me determine what I could potentially pursue in the future” – Amy C.

We are NOT another "assessment test"

We provide 6-month access to a personalized coaching program to complete on your own time, with virtual courses that will help you feel confident in selecting a major for college and discover how to find your career match.

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Why was the Career Prep Tool Kit created?

We are the best choice.

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One Price, A Bundle of Benefits

What Is Included:

Taking into account student loan interest and loss of income, the ultimate cost of a bachelor’s degree may exceed $400,000.  With semesters averaging at $35,000 the cost of a college education is sky high.

Now think about having that expense twice because of a career change.

Cost of the Career Discovery Workshop that can save you from that mistake: $1299

  • 13 virtual group LIVE sessions with coach (hosted bi-weekly) to discuss assignments and class content.
  • 3 virtual workshops with a boatload of content to get you on the right path for you.

Online Virtual Workshops

Accessible 24/7 lessons can be done at the students convenience from anywhere with internet access. Assignments help students advance and practice their knowledge on the topics.

Assignments & Group Meetings

Bi-Weekly virtual meetings of student class with the instructor keeps them on-track while helping clarify any questions on lessons and assignments.

One on One Coach

After completing all Workshops, the student can schedule a one-on-one coaching call with instructor as an optional addition to the program.


Did You Know?

Most people choose a career based on what they like without researching what the job is really like, only to be negatively surprised about the real job later on.
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