Who Are We?

Our Mission

Our goal is to teach students how to properly choose a career, helping families avoid the heavy burdens of student debt due to heavy career changes.

In addition, we aim to help guide frustrated students in their journey of learning how to properly evaluate themselves, their goals, and match it to possible careers.

We are resolving the issue of counselors everywhere selling the educational version of a career and not the factual one.  For decades that antiquated approach has been blindly leading students into incorrect choices.

Extraordinary Background

With experience in business, design, human resources, supply chain and more, this curriculum was designed for immersion into the realities of careers.

Courses are built with coach foundations in:

Our Core Values

We believe in helping all individuals achieve their goals and dreams through education. We believe in an interconnected society where we are responsible for our actions and do our best to prepare ourselves and future generations for what is to come.

Our goal is to help students overcome the barrier of indecision due to a lack of clarity in the career selection process. 

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