Why the Future is YOURS to Mold

Clarity is the key to success.

Over 19 million students head off to college every year and a large number of them lack clarity around their goals. They might have identified a subject they enjoy and associated a career they know about as a future plan, but too often, this strategy leads students down a career path they did not expect.

Look around, we all know people that have changed careers or are currently brainstorming what career would earn a good living and be a good fit for their lifestyle, skills, and/or interests. This could be after loosing a job or working in one that made them miserable or could not sustain their personal goals.

The opportunity is in identifying these traits early on, not after spending hundreds of thousands dollars and years on an ill suited career.

Not only is not creating a well defined strategy an issue, so is not understanding how to make the most of a a post-secondary education.

With the hope of creating well-rounded, competitive individuals, parents enroll their children into a large variety of fun extracurriculars and hobbies. Although students practice their interests and develop hobbies, it is in teaching and exposing their child to the business behind the hobby that will further their intellect and brainstorming ability.

From an early age it is necessary to help students understand how to analyze their surroundings and the consequences of different decisions. For example, I myself had many hobbies growing up. From music to art and dance, I loved the action of each of these hobbies and classes, however I never had someone analyze the life behind the instructor or the place of business enabling my interest.

How did the business work? How did the instructor live? What did the life of someone living and working full-time realizing their passion look like? How can one profit from passion?

This analysis early on, can prepare students to define their career path. After studying fashion then working in supply chain for a decade, I realized my job was very impacted by outside forces such as outsourcing, corporate taxes, technology, location, high competition among others. 

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The love for the profession was overshadowed by outside forces I had no control of. This is why I founded Career Prep Edu.

I myself changed careers into Human Resources and went back to school to earn a Masters degree in a completely different industry than my Bachelors.

As I re-started my career, my friends that never switched were outpacing my success.The worst part was knowing this could have all been avoided with a proper analysis and preparation.

Unfortunately there was no program to help prepare me to make a decision.

My mother took me to a career counselor who after an assessment test concluded I could work in anything I wanted to.

There I was, unclear again.

After figuring out what was necessary to choose a career, I created this program to help students understand how to research careers and determine the best fit form them on realistic terms rather than illusive ones about what a career truly is.

Many students choose a career with blinders on.

The relationship between parents and school faculty with students, is not conducive to one that empowers students to make an effective decision. Instead, students feel talked down on instead of encouraged with the proper guidance to make an informed decision.

Parents spend thousands to prepare their student in test preparation services. Too often, parents fall trap to prepare students to enter college, but they don’t think about what comes next. This leaves their child vulnerable to group think and poor decision making.

At Career Prep Edu we nurture proper critical thinking and teach students to think about their goals holistically. This leads to a more stable and prosperous future for students that complete the Career Discovery Workshop.

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Our goal is to help students overcome the barrier of indecision due to a lack of clarity in the career selection process. 

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