A Simple Step to Get Out of a Rut

How do you know you are stuck in a rut?

Many of us get stuck in routines that do not allow us to feel the excitement of creating something. The process of creating is what grants us excitement. Those small and big wins help us feel alive.

What have you created lately?

Work, school, life, and sometimes even family, the routine starts to feel done. It’s a been there, done that feeling. Although many believe change can create feelings of fear and anxiety, it is all about mindset. Change is not all bad, if anything it allows us to see things from a different perspective, grow as individuals, and it nurtures our soul in ways a routine can never do.

To break out of the rut, you must do something different.

It doesn’t need to be completely out there or what you might normally think of life changing, however it must be different than what you currently do. It could be as small as taking another road to a location, taking a walk through a new area, trying a new cuisine or treat. If you like cooking, how about preparing that meal you have been dreaming about? Want to involve the whole family? Do a family Master Chef competition! Be creative.

Creativity is our intelligence having fun.– Anonymous

Breaking out of your current pattern will create small excitements that lead you to the feeling you are looking for. Be courageous to live the life you dreamed of, explore this great world we live on, and meet people that you would have never met.

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