5 Steps To Overcome Work Related Anxiety

Stress at work is dependent on many factors including the demands of our job, our workplace culture, our personal life, and whether or not we have the tools to help manage our stress and innate emotional reactions to it all. A survey from LinkedIn Learning — which gathered responses from 2,843 English-speaking professionals on LinkedIn —found what stresses each generation the most.

In the survey, Gen X reports to be the most stressed at work at 54% due to their relationship with technology and how that impacts the future of their job. For Gen Xers, they feel their skills regarding technology now needed by workplaces is something they cannot keep up with when compared to younger generations. Although stressed by technology, Baby Boomers at 48%, are closer to retirement and therefore can feel further at ease regarding the transition.

Much has been written about the stress Millenials experience from their relationship with social media, difficulty finding jobs in their fields, and struggle to be able to afford to buy a house, they are the least stressed at 46%.  For millennials, stress tends to come from a need to discover their sense of purpose, as well as their opportunities to learn and grow, compared to previous generations. As the accessibility to information has increased, so has the yearning to discover “Who Am I?”, “What Can I Bring of Value?”, and “What Am I Missing To Learn?”. This search can lead individuals down the rabbit hole and into analysis paralysis. What is worse that analysis paralysis? Making the decision then re-thinking what you chose and whether it will make you happy. As options have increased, so has the fight-or-flight response.

The below steps will help each generation curb their stress and move towards a worry free life.


You’ve heard it before, and we will mention it again. Meditation helps reduce the effects of depression, chronic pain, and anxiety. It gets you out of your head and helps you focus on the present.

Be Grateful

With so many options, distractions make us feel we are in a constant place of lack. Take time to appreciate what you have and stop comparing your self to others you perceive as having more than you. Everyone has areas they lack something in, even if that is not visible to you. Our lives are in a constant state of motion and with that comes ups and downs.


What are you truly lacking in your skillset or in your life to be happy? Research this and make a list.

Structure You Life

Make a plan and write it out. When will you accomplish each milestone of your goal? Set a realistic timeline and work each day to accomplish each task. Eventually, all those tasks will lead to a finished product that you are proud of. Don’t get anxious with trying to achieve your end goal, stop thinking about it. Instead focus on each task and do it well.

Appreciate Your Hard Work

Many of us get stuck in the routine of “making this happen”, and the satisfaction of crossing things off the list. To be well rounded and not suffer from burnout we must take time to re-charge working on activities that help us get in touch with our inner child. It is important to do this to not resent your accomplishments and the work it takes to keep moving along.

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