Why is choosing a career so hard?


There is rarely an “AHA!” moment letting us know we are in the right path. There are no balloons, fireworks, or the Kool Aid man breaking the wall screaming “this is your perfect career!”

Many spend a lifetime trying to understand if the career they have chosen is right for them. 

So why is making a decision so hard?

We are unable to make decisions and feel certain and comfortable in them 100% of the time.  This is all part of being human.  Life is a swerving road with ups and downs.  During our ups we feel happy, excited, and secure.  During our downs, we question everything.  Self-doubt cripples and no matter the good ideas anyone has, or the help others are willing to provide, we fall prey to the negativity and fear of the unknown. 

Choice Paralysis

Having hundreds of thousands of options does not help.  Psychologist Barry Schwartz, calls this choice paralysis because more choices make us less likely to take action, and therefore be less satisfied with our eventual decision.

In the article, The Surprising Poverty of Too Many Choices, Kristi Hedges talks about how we need to employ thinking about ideas without subjecting ourselves to extremes.  Instead, we should reframe situations and decisions as “trials” and that helps remove the anxiety.  Research, research, and more followed by an effectual approach helps us make informed decisions. 

We can help

At Career Prep Edu, our Career Discovery Workshop teaches students what is important to consider and research when selecting a career.  We consolidate all of the factors and help remove the overwhelming factor of not knowing where to start.  The reason for our existence is to help students understand what steps they need and what information to consider when choosing a career. After the workshop, students feel EMPOWERED, at PEACE, and CONFIDENT in their journey. Join us!

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