Navigating the Career Conversation, a Parent’s Guide

Tips for Navigating the Career Conversation:

Listen and Validate their Feelings

Breath.  Reacting badly over what your child wants to dedicate their career to will not help.

If you do freak out, you are limiting an amazing critical thinking opportunity.  Regulate your emotion and approach the situation as if you were talking with a colleague.

Show trust in their process and decision making ability.

We understand many teenagers do not listen to their parents and will not believe your warnings on a particular situation.  Before presenting your argument, identify why you feel a certain way about a career.  Research your viewpoints to see if they are valid, and help your student identify the pros and cons and what that means to them in the long run.  If you have a friend who knows someone currently in that career, try to arrange an information session.  Help your student by proving them with a set of questions they should ask during the information session.

Praise and provide them with opportunities that enable their own decision making

At Career Prep Edu, we guide your student through the research process of identifying the perfect career for them.  It will ensure their perception of the career is thoroughly analyzed through factual terms, so disappointment and misalignment do not happen later on.   Learn more about our workshop here.

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