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We eliminate the stress of choosing a career.

Choosing a Career

This Program is Perfect For:

  • High School and College students or recent graduates.
  • Trying to choose a college major, a college, and a career.
  • Undecided about what to study. Are unsure what career fits you best, or have a major in mind but don’t know how to link it to a career.
  • Recently graduated college and do not know what career to pursue.

We help:

1. Parents and students at odds about what career is right
2. Students and graduates who are undecided on what career path is right for them.
3. Students who have a major in mind but do not know what career follows it.

Welcome to the Career Discovery Workshop

We Can Help.

The Career Discovery Workshop is a first of its kind virtual workshop that provides students the keys to discover their career path.   We eliminate the stress of choosing a career.   

The ultimate cost of a bachelor’s degree may exceed $400,000.  That expense doubles because of a career change. 

We help students pursue a career that fulfills goals and expectations.   Join the Career Discovery Workshop and discover your purpose before student loans, choosing a major or starting a career.


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50% of people make a drastic career change because they don’t like the job that follows the major they chose in college.


We Employ Latest Research & Technology

  • Our program is unbiased and based on workforce facts.  
  • Students learn how to make a decision regarding their future.
  • Helps address most of parents concerns when students choose a career.
  • Helps support school counseling initiatives.


“This course was extremely beneficial in helping me determine what I could potentially pursue in the future” – Amy C.

We are NOT another "assessment test"

With 6 month 24/7 access online, students can complete lessons at their convenience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is an online video and coaching program designed for high school and college students and graduates where participants learn how to identify the perfect career for them.  Students learn to research careers and use teachings to continue making career decisions.  

Students examine their goals and learn to support career decisions with facts learning how to research their chosen industry and career in terms of duties, growth, pay, technology, globalization, etc.  The end result are students that feel confident in starting an education that supports future goals in a tangible plan.

Lessons are easily accessible from each students profile online 24/7.  Access is granted for 6 months after enrollment.

1- Research;

2- Critical Thinking;

3- Confidence;

4- Emotional Intelligence;

We know you will love the program, however, in the off chance that you and your child do not find value in the content, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee with more information listed in terms and conditions. 

Two bundle options below.


Starter Course:
Career Discovery Workshop + Confidence Boost


– 2 Virtual Courses available 24/7
– Discover what career is right for you with the Career Workshop
– Boost confidence with the bonus course!

Starter Course + Legal Awareness + Live Session With Coach


– Everything available in Starter Course + Bonuses
– 3 Virtual Courses available 24/7
– Discover what career is right for you with the Career Workshop
– Boost confidence
– Learn legal law so you ensure you are treated fairly
– Get access to a LIVE career coaching session


Did You Know?

Most people choose a career based on what they like without researching what the job is really like, only to be negatively surprised about the real job later on.
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