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Trying to choose a college, a major, a career? Or are you starting your career?


“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.”

– Rumi

Two Life Events

Selecting a Major, College, and Career

You are a student, undecided about what to study,
unsure what career fits you best, or have a major in mind but don’t know how to link it to a career.

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Starting Your Career

When starting their career, students have access to live virtual classes to develop skills not learned in college and be able to succeed in the workplace.

Explore Your Options

You Receive

Personalized coaching program to help you discover what career is a perfect match for you; so you don’t waste time pursuing a major that does not fulfill your goals and expectations.    

With 3 online courses, virtual sessions with a career coach, and 6-months of access, students discover their career match, build resilience, develop critical thinking and legal awareness for internships and first jobs.

Are you starting your career?

  • Wish you felt more confident starting your career
  • Feel there are skills you did not learn in college – such as interviewing or how to ask for a promotion
  • Started a job and don’t understand your manager’s personality or are having a tough time getting started
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